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Building your Buildcorp career

Buildcorp strives to provide interesting, challenging work and the potential for career progression. We also run a succession and talent management program to develop our future leaders. As your career progresses at Buildcorp, you can expect:
  1. Training & development: Buildcorp commits to the ongoing development of our people and we provide opportunities for training across skills relating to the technical, systematic and managerial parts the job.
  2. Career development: Buildcorp firmly believes that some of the best business leaders can be found within your existing team. We therefore look out for opportunities to develop, train and promote our people into management roles, such as many members of our current senior management team have done.
  3. High performance: To help our teams perform their best, Buildcorp runs a comprehensive performance and goal setting management system that not only provides clear performance and success measures, but also defines individual career development plans and collates feedback specific to each role.
  1. Support for a work/life balance: Enjoying a good work-life balance is important to our people, and Buildcorp offers initiatives and benefits to help them better achieve this. Examples include an initiative that offers an additional week of annual leave for anyone who has worked for the company for over three years and access to an employee assistance program and counselling service.
  2. Feedback: Buildcorp actively encourages employee feedback and suggestions for improving our business. Our annual employee satisfaction survey is our measuring stick for our culture and each year, we look to develop new ways of working and initiatives that can help address the feedback.

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