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A culture of quality

Buildcorp's Quality Management app Onsite,  in action

Buildcorp’s concept of quality goes well beyond the defects list and Occupation Certificates, and focuses on systems, technology and tools that help our teams deliver high quality project outcomes from day one. This approach has enabled Buildcorp to develop a culture of quality that delivers on its aims to:
  1. Improve stakeholder communications and shared learning,
  2. Reduce errors and time, and
  3. Generate higher client satisfaction due to improved quality and service.
Quality is subjective and changes from project to project. So to build our culture of quality we first define what quality is specifically to each project. Buildcorp’s Quality Management Framework (QMF) is an ISO9001 accredited approach to quality management and was developed with the focus of identifying and managing this specific quality information and deliverables for each project. The QMF process is a comprehensive system that captures risks, client objectives and ensures a proactive, consistent approach to delivery of project quality. The QMF also outlines each trade’s responsibility and requirements in terms of quality control measures.

Whilst we have data on defects and common problem areas, the ultimate measure of our implementation of the QMF and our culture of quality is via post project client interviews. Across ten key project indicators we measure our client satisfaction in the areas of: communication, construction quality, site management, handling of variations and change throughout the project, the project completion and handover phase, interactions with Buildcorp staff and how well project objectives were met. Proudly our all-time client satisfaction rating has averaged 85% since this measurement tool began.

What’s more, testament to Buildcorp’s high volume of repeat and referral business, when asked to rank the likelihood of recommending Buildcorp (10 representing ‘extremely likely’ and 0 ‘not likely’) our average ranking across more than 70 projects is 9.4 out of 10.

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